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Whatever your look, we’ve got a style to match it. Contemporary to traditions…classical to country…we make a game chair that’s exactly what you are looking for. We offer a wide selection of hardwoods, fabrics, leathers, and finishes. Select the perfect game chair to coordinate with any home dècor.

Chair Bucket Features:
• Solid wood top cap eliminates fabric wear and is glued and doweled for extra strength
• Chair frame features a secondary seat rung that is doweled and glued for added strength and chair back support
• Bottom chair frame is glued and double doweled with reinforced chair frame blocks
• Upright chair back is double doweled, glued, and interlocks to the seat frame for added strength and support
• Chair arm attaches to seat frame with dowel and screw fastener
• The chair cushion is constructed of a ¾" thick plywood seat base and features hi-density long-life foam

Chair Base Features:
• Chair base is a 5 star iron base that has a 50 mm ever-glide double wheel caster for maximum stability
• Gas cylinder is German-made with a 6" travel for adjustable heights. It carries a lifetime guarantee
• American-made tilt swivel mechanism has an adjustable tilt that can be custom set to a specific weight
• Chair base uses an accordion bellows to conceal the gas cylinder for a custom look

10 Step Finishing
Beach Manufacturing’s 10-step finishing offers you more variety, beauty, and fine finishes than any other manufacturer. The 10-step finish adds protection and durability.
1. It starts with each piece being hand-sanded
2. Then a stain coat is applied
3. The furniture is heat dried
4. A sealer coat is added to seal the stain into the wood
5. The piece is re-sanded
6. On many pieces a pigment coat is applied or a sanding sealer on all dark finish
7. The furniture is again heat-dried, which further seals the wood
8. An additional aesthetic coating is applied to a further beauty
9. To insure lasting beauty, a second coat of lacquer is applied
10. To complete the finishing process the furniture is placed into a high intensity dryer.