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We build over 50 years of craftsmanship into every product we make. We finish all of our furniture line with
10-step finishing, giving our products a lasting beauty.Take a closer look and you will see what we mean.
Built to last a lifetime, Beach furniture comes with the exclusive Beach Mfg. Limited Warranty.

Beach finishes all of their furniture line with 10-step finishing it is what makes Beach “fine furniture.” Additionally, Beach offers more choices of finish, giving you a wide selection and customization in deciding which finish fits your décor. This provides you with a “complete room” concept where everything ties together from pool table to bars, game tables, pub tables, etc.

10 Step Finishing
Beach Manufacturing’s 10-step finishing offers you more variety, beauty, and fine finishes than any other manufacturer. The 10-step finish adds protection and durability.
1. It starts with each piece being hand-sanded
2. Then a stain coat is applied
3. The furniture is heat dried
4. A sealer coat is added to seal the stain into the wood
5. The piece is re-sanded
6. On many pieces a pigment coat is applied or a sanding sealer on all dark finish
7. The furniture is again heat-dried, which further seals the wood
8. An additional aesthetic coating is applied to a further beauty
9. To insure lasting beauty, a second coat of lacquer is applied
10. To complete the finishing process the furniture is placed into a high intensity dryer.

Slate Bed
Diamond honed slate provides an accurate, precision play and offers versatility of installation.
The slate quarry diamond hones a single piece of slate down to 1 inch in thickness. The process on honing the slate from a thicker piece down to 1 inch is what produces a superior play surface that is accurate and consistent. The single piece of slate is then cut into three sections. Next, we take the matching slat and add a slate liner, which does three things:
• Provides a base to level
• Gives you a place to staple the cloth instead of glue, which keeps the table wrinkle free
• Buffers sound

Billiard Cloth
Our billiard cloth compliments our entire product line selection. In other words, the color of cloth can be matched to many fabric styles available on our entire line of fine furniture. Beach tables come with optional 21-22 ounce, 75% wool/25% nylon blend. Weight and thread count make the difference, and Beach covers their tables with the highest quality American-made cloth available in the industry today.

Structurally Backed Frames
All hardwood tables have a ½” backing glued to the frame, increasing durability and stability. This will prevent warping, splitting and sagging of the exterior frame.

Cross Stretchers

2 – 1 3/4” x 6” hardwood cross stretchers run the width and length of the table for double the support, ensuring a level play field.

K66 Style Rails
K66 profile rails with high quality gum rubber
K66 style cushions are canvas reinforced on the top to insure accurate response and rebound. They also have canvas backing on the backside of the cushion for excellent adhesion to the cushion seat.
Cushions are precision set to tolerances of + or – 1/64”. This provides superior height alignment for accuracy and proper rebound. By using increase rail thickness, we supply greater cushion support.

CNC – Computer numeric controlled routing
Cuts with an amazing .0001 accuracy, the most precise cut available in the industry. You will enjoy the long-lasting beauty of this superior fit and finish. Additionally, every Beach product is consistent in its enduring beauty.